About about accounting success

Al-Najah Accounting Corporation for Information Technology was established in 2009 to become one of the best leading institutions in the field of software and information technology, which provides the best technical and software solutions in many fields. Thanks to God, we have become the leading providers in this field. The institution also provides its clients with integrated services in order to reach our primary goal, which is customer satisfaction. To become a pioneering and specialized accounting success system in various commercial sectors.

Strategists, researchers, product managers,

designers, technologists, web and mobile developers work together, dedicated to your brand and product.
What distinguishes us....Providing software solutions that are easy to use and flexible and work on a database of high strength and security. Training and qualification and providing the appropriate educational environment to ensure the client the optimal use of the program and the maximum benefit from all the advantages of our systems

The multiplicity of branches and delegates deployed in all regions of the Kingdom and in the countries where our branches are located.

A team specialized in information technology, networks and database management