‎Recovery policy:‎

‎As much as we trust the quality and high value of our products, at Golden Material we are keen to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with‎

‎Our products and we leave our valued customers the freedom to replace or recover according to the following:‎

‎First paragraph: Apply through a return option within three (3) days of receipt of the required product in the event of recovery or within five (5) days in the event of replacement with the following data clarified:‎

‎** Dial number‎

‎** Operation type (replacement/recovery)‎

‎** Cause (replacement/retrieval)‎

‎Paragraph 2: Replacement or refund requests are answered within 24 hours of receiving the request and are communicated by email, telephone or WhatsApp‎

‎Paragraph 3: Any replacement or refund request will not be accepted if the product is used or if it is affected in any way.‎

‎Paragraph 4: Replacement or recovery can be made within the period described in advance (see point 1) provided that the product is in its original state and is coated with the original cover of Golden Matreal‎

‎Paragraph 5: Replacement or recovery is free of charge if any error in the desired product is found to be damaged or has an industry defect "which is a very rare case"‎

‎Other than the cases mentioned in paragraph 5, the customer is entitled to replacement and refund but incurs shipping expenses and is calculated according to the customer's country:‎

‎** SR 30 within the Kingdom "even if shipping is free"‎

‎** 150 riyals outside the Kingdom "in one of the Gulf states"‎

‎No requests for replacements or refunds will be considered after the specified period mentioned in the first paragraph has expired.‎

‎In case the order is damaged, the sender will bear it.‎

‎If a refund is requested, the customer is entitled to receive the amount paid in cash 14 days after the date of receipt and review of the order and after ascertaining the reason for the refund (see paragraphs 5, 6 and 7)